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Roots Plant Store

Our plant store is always open for self checkout as long as one of our professionals is at the salon. Feel free to stop by anytime or contact us to schedule a plant shopping appointment. As long as someone is here, we can always let you in to look around.


Self Checkout

It's easy to shop at our plant store anytime using our Venmo self-checkout QR codes. If you see a plant you like, you just need your phone and the Venmo app to purchase the plant and make it yours!


Specialty Houseplants

At Roots Plant Store we have a variety of small and large as well as unique and rare houseplants. Whether you're a beginner just getting into houseplants or a seasoned professional we guarantee there is something you will love. 


Pots & Planters

We have a variety of cute ceramic pots to house your new plants in. If you don't see something you like, check back later because we are always getting new inventory.

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